The Real Ninjutsu

Ninjas Were Revered and Feared for Their Deadly Skills

NINJA or Ninjutsu, Has a great reputation of mystery. That has never been more true than in the perception of the public today. Ninjutsu was taught to the mountain people of IGA by a Shaolin Monk. Ninja have been known as skilled fighters for centuries. Weapons experts of every kind. Military throughout the world have used the tactics of the NINJA for hundreds of years.

Masters of “THE SELF” Ninja tried to avoid conflict whenever possible.

Ninja pay very close attention to life and its movement. The Real Ninja of today walk among you much like the Ninja of old. Mostly goodhearted people who chose to live free and safe from those would otherwise choose to oppress their freedoms. Training only to protect their way of life Ninja skills were used to help protect their families and eventually others.

Moving beyond the need to keep to themselves, Ninja eventually had to venture out knowing sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Espionage, Reconnaissance, and Propaganda become the commonsense view of smarter warfare.

The Martial art of the ninja is a total self-awareness art and leads to a greater knowledge of your true intentions reasons and purpose for action. Ninja, when added to the teachings in our Kenpo create a foundation for one of the most effective and complete self-defense systems around today. Jim Adkins Kenpo Karate Studios have blended and developed a system from there.

Integrating Ninjutsu with Other Arts
“Ninja added new dimensions to my Kenpo”. “With its weapons training and discovery of self, Philosophy, and avoidance, my self-defense took on new directions”. “Ninja skill sets offer a balance in the very powerful self-defense of my Kenpo”.


We do not accept everyone into the NINJA program. If you feel this is your calling or something you would really like to explore further please contact me for an interview. I will be glad to talk to you further.