$350.00 $200.00

Classes run Mondays, Wednesdays, and/ OR Thursdays

4125 Cedar Run Rd.
Traverse City Michigan.

Ages 5 and up

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This program was designed by 10th degree Grand Master of the Arts Jim Adkins in association with specialist in childhood psychologist, and Professional Life coaches from around the the U.S.

We focused our efforts to help Parents combat the Bully issues by BUILDING QUALITY NON BULLIES. To many martial arts programs today focus on the Violence and aggressive nature of the new fads and competition MMA events. While a fight or altercation can typically turn violent, believe it or not, Life doesn’t have to be that way. You get what you focus on. Focus on Peace and a goal setting drive that builds happy , healthy successful individuals who would rather be helpful than hurtful. While at the same time teaching them useful practical ways to physically protect themselves.

Taught by Jim Adkins who’s self defense programs have been a part of the Military Special Forces and Law enforcement agencies for over 30 years