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Traverse City Self Defense

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“Real Self Defense” means more than just kicking and punching. Real Self Defense takes more than just trying to teach the “Latest Fad” in Martial arts.

Real Self Defense starts with an awareness of not just our surroundings but who we are within those surroundings, and the reasons the world may reach out to try and disrupt them.

Understanding your true self is a journey, not a destination and can begin at any age.

Teaching anyone to kick is easy. Teaching them Why, When, Why Not, and When Not are far more important. These questions can all be answered when you introduce someone to their own morals and set of rules, a “CREED” to live by.

This is one of the “secrets” to the true success of my art and my teaching. It takes years of dedication to learn the skill sets I have in my teaching.

I work hard every day to grow the value of what I do and learn something new every chance I get.

I am a consultant to and consult with Professional Life Coaches, Doctors and experts in human psychology, behavior, and growth on a regular basis.

We are dedicated to helping people reach their fullest potential in life.

This translates to over thousands of years of learning and developing skill sets that my students have the benefit of learning.

Standing on my shoulders.

I strive to raise every students’standards and empower their lives through my dedicated sincere teaching.

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Jim Adkins, Simple rule in self defense attacker or defender 

Remember when manners made the difference? Everyone at Jim Adkins White Tiger Martial Arts will show you respect and treat you and your family with old fashion manners that have never left Mr. Adkins lifestyle. “I feel that sometimes people forget, it’s not JUST about YOU”.