Self Defense System

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This is Michigan’s #1 Self Defense Program. Our self-defense program is taught by a 10th Degree Black Belt with over 38 years of battle-tested training. This type of training has been proven, in combat, by the American Special Forces. We offer 3 different types of classes for self-defense that encompass different levels of training.

Self Defense is and has always been a small fraction of what true martial arts can be

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Class 1: Beginners – Hand to Hand.

This class helps prepare the student for hand to hand combat situations.

Class 2: Intermediate – Advanced Techniques and Ground Fighting

During this class course you will use what you have learned in Class 1 and apply that to more advanced techniques and learn Ground Fighting tactics.

Class 3: Advanced – Weapons

Our Advanced self defense program will use the many techniques from Class 1 and Class 2 and incorporate the use of weapons.


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