American Kenpo

Applying self defense techniques taught globally right her in Traverse City

Self Defense means different things to different people. Seek out a qualified Instructor and sit down to discuss your goals and options. NEVER sign a contract on the first visit…

There are many options available to you, and many reasons people seek the martial arts. FADS, SPORT, SELF DEFENSE, LIFE GOALS, etc. You will not find ONE that will be an expert at all of the above. So, What do you want? Not Sure… Call me and set up an appointment. With my 40 + years experience I will help you make the right choice, Even if that choice is not me. Locally there are 2 other schools I trust will treat you right. They are more of the sport and fad types but the people are top notch. If you live outside our area, I can help you find a trusted and qualified mentor if you need. I have many friends around the world who are masters in their field. If I don’t know them, someone I know, will. ?

Then there are the more focused Martial Art Classes taught by true masters of the art….

American Kenpo Has Proven Itself to Be the Most Practical Self Defense Art Form

Jim Adkins Kenpo is a COMPLETE ALPHABET OF MOTION. The Teachings and concepts are tailored to the individual, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. “Jim Adkins Kenpo, Traverse City’s Personal Defense expert can help you discover your own path to personal self-defense. The first week you will learn a technique that you will be able to protect yourself with for the rest of your life. Jim’s expertise is one of the many reasons Special forces, Police Departments, Advanced Martial Artist and Parents around the world look to Master Jim Adkins

Jim Adkins is a 9th degree black belt student and friend of Grand Master Larry Tatum. Starting his Martial Arts Journey back in the early 1970’s, Jim Adkins has studied with many great masters of the arts. Sharpening the skills that worked best, Master Adkins has developed his own blend of the top Self Defense and Life Changing Arts around.

“Our focus here is not just how to physically move your self-defense.” “At Jim Adkins Kenpo Karate studios, we take all the best life coaching skills and help direct you to become the Best You, you can be”. We take great pride in what we do and know that the time you share with us is valuable time. We appreciate your dedication and will give you the respect and patience it takes to learn a life skill as important as this.