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A Happy Child in an After School Karate Class

Studies everywhere have shown that learning martial arts has many benefits for children and teens. The discipline and focus that are key in Kenpo and Kung-Fu filter into all aspects of a student’s life. Young children benefit from improving the connection between body and mind helping to improve dexterity and muscle control. Martial arts can even be therapeutic for children with some problem behaviors; it has proven effective in aiding ADD and ADHD, teaches conflict resolution over fighting, and is a powerful tool in the fight against childhood obesity.

Martial Arts Styles We Teach

We represent the best styles of martial arts for children and adults, and craft our curriculum around that. We ensure that children aren’t left behind and provide a self paced, low pressure, learning atmosphere. Over 40 years of direct teaching experience.

The Best Child Friendly Styles of Martial Arts

  • American Kenpo – Kenpo is known as an alphabet of movement, it focuses on effective techniques and precision without wasted movements. This makes for a great art to teach children, with practical moves and a focus on control.
  • Shaolin Kung Fu – Our Kung-Fu is based on traditional shaolin and wushu, it provides flexibility and a huge feeling of accomplishment for our young students.

Sifu Adkins Teaching a Children's Class
Our Child Friendly Dojo

We know the struggle of being  parents, and the worry of providing a safe environment for our children. Master Jim Adkins has spent decades teaching and working with children and teens, His teaching style is welcoming for children of all ages, and provides a supportive and positive framework for learning martial arts of Kenpo and Kung-Fu.


Affordable After School Classes

Children in our Kung Fu ClassWith a busy schedule any  parent knows that time, and money are always limited. We worked with our student’s parents to find the best time for the classes and have tried to make attending our classes as convenient for our students and their families. We provide affordable classes and have pride in the fact that nearly any parent can afford our martial arts classes. It’s just $200 for the first 3 months of your child’s classes, and that price INCLUDES a UNIFORM, after that the normal cost is $100/month there’s no hidden fees or expensive required equipment with us. We also offer family rates to save you more when more than 1 family member takes classes with us.


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