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Learning Kenpo Online

Here at White Tiger we have worked hard to provide you all the information and skills you would need to go from absolute novice to a master of American Kenpo. Our video based training allows you to learn and practice anywhere, and then when you need feedback, or advice you can reach out to Sifu Adkins to ask questions or request testing for your belt, which we do remotely.

The History of American KenpoP1120573

Kenpo Self Defense.

A lot has been said about Kenpo and its origins. Some true and some not so true statements are everywhere. Seems the truth is many different things to many different people, AS WITH ALL MARTIAL ARTS SYSTEMS THAT HAVE SURVIVED THE MANY MANY YEARS OF EVOLUTION. So

Shaolin Temple, Yes ? YES..

Ed Parker is given credit for developing the art of American Kenpo Karate.

Whatever Mr. Parker’s path was to get to HIS KENPO ,the truth is… the Self Defense SYSTEM he developed and re-developed become and is still becoming the Most Common sense self defense street fighting art to date. That is, in my circle of the world. I do notice (out there) the existence of a few kenpoist who would stagger the perpetuation and growth in the name of “Tradition” and the simple fact some of them dont know how to grow it for themselves. Bless their hearts, it is still a very effective art, even in their hands. There are also those who are trying to jump on every new fad and “add” it to the kenpo they love. They will soon discover there is ,was and will be foundations for the battle sense of the “latest discovery” hidden in the growth that would be Their Kenpo anyway.

Today with the my travels and through the Internet,  I have been able to witness Many Great Kenpoist in the world. The Kenpo Movement is not only in Kenpo schools, but MANY other martial art styles are trying to keep up by adding what look like kenpo techniques to their curriculum. Even when someone only has it partially right and they honestly keep moving forward they will soon discover Kenpo’s AWESOME Scientific alphabet of motion. With the guidance of a qualified master of Kenpo of course.

My path was laid out by GM Ed Parker, Lonny Coots, George Mosson, and Dave Devault Each one had a profound affect on my life and Kenpo.

In the early 1990’s I reached out to Grand Master Larry Tatum to see if he would accept me as his student, I never realized the Magic and Mastery that awaited me in his guidance through the higher ranks. He has blessed me with an understanding of the True Perpetuation of Kenpo that I am sure only a few are privileged to understand but ALL are welcome to chase.

I only hope to stand strong in my teachings and growth so my students will have steady shoulders to stand on and grow their own kenpo from there.


Jim Adkins

The History of American Kenpo

The modern history of American Kenpo began in the 1940s, when Great Grandmaster James M. Mitose (1916-1981) started teaching his ancestral Japanese Martial Art, Kosho-Ryu Kenpo, in Hawaii.[2] Mitose’s art, later called Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu, traditionally traces its origin to Shaolin Kung Fu and Bodhidharma.[3] Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu emphasizes punching, striking, kicking, locking, and throwing.[3] Mitose’s art was very linear, lacking the circular motions in American Kenpo.[4]


William K.S. Chow & Kenpo Karate

William K. S. Chow studied Kenpo under James Mitose, eventually earning a first-degree black belt.[3] He had also studied Chinese Kung Fu from his father.[5] Chow began teaching an art, which he called Kenpo Karate, that blended the circular movements he had learned from his father with the system he had learned from Mitose.[4][6] Chow experimented and modified his art, adapting it to meet the needs of American students.[4]


Ed Parker & Kenpo Karate

Ed Parker learned Kenpo Karate from William Chow, eventually earning a black belt, though Chow was later to claim Parker had only earned a purple belt. Others have claimed Parker had only earned a brown belt from Chow, possibly because this was his rank when he started teaching in Utah in 1955. Al Tracy claims that Chow promoted Parker to sandan (3rd-degree black belt) in December 1961.

Grand Master Ed Parker


The Current American Kenpo System

The system known as American Kenpo was developed by Ed Parker as a successor to Chow’s art. Parker revised older methods to work in modern day fighting scenarios.[10] He heavily restructured American Kenpo’s forms and techniques during this period. He moved away from methods that were recognizably descended from other arts (such as forms that were familiar within Hung Gar) and established a more definitive relationship between forms and the self-defense technique curriculum of American Kenpo. Parker also eschewed esoteric Eastern concepts (e.g. qi) and sought to express the art in terms of scientific principles and western metaphors.

I’ve been a member of the dojo for a few months now, and I can say that Jim’s approach to teaching kenpo is personal and effective. It’s nice to know that the sifu is here to help me grow. 

a week ago
I have known Master Adkins for many years. He is a fantastic role model for people of all ages. As for White Tiger Martial Arts, his dojo is one of the best. He has a genuine compassion for his students. He makes classes fun and engaging while making the hard task of learning new skills seem like a game. If you are looking for a fun, energetic, and exciting martial arts learning environment White Tiger Martial Arts is the place to be.
Phil Jewel

a week ago
Sifu Adkins is compassionate, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. His classes are fun and engaging for folks of all ages and skill levels. His instruction will follow you through your martial arts career and life. White Tiger Martial Arts provides an astounding variety of martial skills to improve strength, agility, self confidence and awareness.
Daniel McCarthy

in the last week
I am a Taekwondo Master (Certified, Kukkiwon 4th degree BB). Sifu Adkins is a Master Teacher of Teachers in the truest sense of the word. I can rant and rave about this man, but the only original phrase I can muster is this; He can truly hear the Grasshopper at your Feet. Do not deny yourself the privilege of his tutorage.

in the last week
i was going there for about 2 years a few years ago and every session i was always looking forward to because of all the amazing energy and people at the dojo. and Sifu(jim adkins) and his wife sarah we’re the some of the nicest people i knew and still are.
Nanci Bosick

a week ago
I have been a student of Master Sifu Adkins for over 20 years. Private lessons are geared towards each individual’s needs and learning style. His classes are enlightening and engaging and I always leave with increased knowledge no matter how many times I have heard the subject matter. White Tiger Martial Arts is the school to join!

a week ago
I have been at this dojo for several years now, and I have to say that it is the best you are going to find. Master Sifu teaches things which are not taught today in other dojos in reference to being a decent human being. There are many aspects to martial arts, and you get those here in this dojo. It isn’t a cookie cutter Mc Dojo that just cranks out black belts you never hear from again.
Shane Funderburg

a week ago
As a USMC Veteran, My discipline and education is Very Important to me. Building Confidence and Staying healthy are my top priorities. That being said, In the almost 2 years i have had the HONOR and PRIVILEGE of learning from Master Sifu Jim Adkins and the other instructors and fellow students at White Tiger Martial Arts, I have grown exponentially in many ways that i was unable to grow in any other Martial Arts Style.

I have spent almost 30 years practicing Various Martial Art systems such as American Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, Other Kenpo styles, and Some other temp college courses of Aikido, and Judo/Jujitsu.

WHITE TIGER MARTIAL ARTS is by far the best fit for anyone looking to better themselves in any approach. Mental, Physical, philosophical, survival, preservation, Great health, Self Discipline, Sportsmanship, Unity, Fellowship, Teamwork, and growth.

Master Sifu Jim Adkins in my opinion is the Greatest instructor and a True Master of the Martial Arts. He is the best of the best in my own opinion.

May peace and tranquility be with you all.

jan shifferd

a week ago
White Tiger is the most all inclusive dojo in our area! Sifu Jim Adkins teaches all ages with respect! My husband and I are in our 60’s…..hard to even admit! Sifu Jim was patient with my two left feet and worked with us and gave us a new peaceful inner self! There is NO other dojo that our family will ever suggest!
Jan & Rick Shifferd
Anna Serrano

a week ago
My children and I have studied Shaolin style kungfu at White Tiger for two and a half years. We love it! It has been an amazing experience to learn this art with my kids. We have all become more calm, confident, flexible and fit. Master Sifu Jim Adkins is extremely knowledgable and passionate about martial arts. He is an amazing teacher, Traverse City is fortunate to have this dojo!
tara stoffel

a week ago
Every city has plenty of Tae Kwon Do and boxing classes, but White Tiger Martial Arts is one of the few places where you can learn a variety of more useful and less accessible disciplines from a true Master. Try a lesson with Master Sifu Jim Adkins, and I guarantee you wont be disappointed.
Jill Vyverberg

a week ago
My son has attended martial arts classes with Sifu Jim Adkins for nearly 8 years. Sifu Adkins is a teacher, motivator, as well as inspirational to his students and their families. He cares about his students and their skills to defend themselves, physically and mentally. Great dojo for all ages!
Austin Floyd

a week ago
White Tiger is the best experience I’ve ever had, Master Sifu Jim Adkins is the best instructor you’ll find when searching for a school. Going beyond punching hard or kicking fast, he teaches respect and morals and life lessons that have helped me and many other students he’s had and has change for the better. The dojo becomes home and feels very welcoming, I’m glad I get to be a part of It all.
Lauren Marks

a week ago
I spent 3 years at White Tiger Martial Arts. It was an amazing time. Sifu Jim Adkins is highly qualified and one of the best men I have ever met in my life. He is caring, patient, and incredibly kind. He is a wonderful teacher for ages and skill levels.
The family you gain through White Tiger is a family for life. I would highly recommend this dojo for anyone who wants to really learn the art of self-defense.
James Tury

a week ago
White tiger martial arts has been the best thing that i have ever been apart of! This school feels like a family. With Master Sifu Jim Adkins instruction I and many others have obtained goals that i didnt even think possible. No matter what your reasons are for seeking out a martial arts school,this is the one to go to!!!

a week ago
Jim Adkins is one of the best martial artists in the world, as well as a friend like none other I’ve met so far. You can trust him to have your best interests at heart. I’ve been a part of his school for the last nine years, and the amount of personal growth I have experienced in that time leaves me with the greatest gratitude for having found it.
Liz Chittenden Thoma

a week ago
White tiger is an amazing dojo, if you are looking for inner peace or self defense, this is the place to be. I started my journey 4 years ago feeling old and unfit and I now feel alive and vibrant!
Makala ODonnell

a week ago
You couldn’t find a better place to study martial arts. The atmosphere is amazing and you find yourself in a family full of great people.
Kelley Vilenski

a week ago
I took my 7 yr old son to White Tiger for a couple years and it was the best experience we ever could have had. We will never forget the valuable life lessons he learned there, so much more than martial arts! This is the one and only place I would ever recommend for kids or adults to learn how to defend themselves and get fit. It’s also very affordable.
Dakota Bannigan

a week ago
Out of all my years of (arguably inconsistent) training 5 of them have been spent at White Tiger Martial arts and my experience at this dojo has been far above and beyond that of any other dojo I’ve been to.
Krome Dome

a week ago
Absolutly great place to learn Martial Arts, SiFu Jim Adkins is an excellent teacher and there is nobody I would like to study under more.
Crystal Rood

a week ago
Best martial arts studio my boys have ever attended. Jim and Sarah really make you feel like your part of they’re family 🙂
Charles Waldrep

a week ago
I am proud to be a part of the White Tiger family. Sifu Adkins is a great instructor and mentor to his students..
wolstano paniagua

a week ago
Very great atmosphere and, an even greater Sifu!
Craig Vohwinkle

2 years ago
Old school training where respect, discipline and self improvement are corner stones of this school along with a self defense system that gives the students the ability to defend themselves in today’s world. Headed up by Grand Master Jim Adkins who has over three and a half decades of teaching experience, Mr. Adkins currently holds the rank of 9th degree black belt in American kenpo, a black belt in ninjutsu and a black sash in shaolin kung fu.
The curriculum is as diverse as his students and Master Adkins is always available to assist his students with whatever difficulties they may face with their training or the day to day problems life throws their way. The lessons taught and learned are not just how to punch and kick but how to become a better more confident person with the ability to achieve any goal you choose to strive for.

“The true goal of martial arts lies not in victory or defeat but in the perfection of one’s character”

Kelli B.

a year ago
best martial arts school ever
Matt Kirby

a week ago
Sarah Adkins

a week ago